25 July 2017

My summer to do list

Because my summer holidays start next week, I wanted to show you some of my to-do's. In the beginning of the holidays I'm usually very overexcited and have a lot to do, but the later it gets, the more lazy and bored I become... sooo that's why I made a list with all the nice thing I want to this summer, because I don't want to fall in this hole of laziness :)

»summer to do«
1. have a water fight
2. go to the pool... a lot
3. get a nice tan
4. take some pictures of the milky way
5. go for a hike
6. watch a sunrise
7. watch a sunset 
8. fly to Portugal
9. learn surfing
10. make some ice cream 
11. have a tumblr- picnic 
12. sleep outside
13. go to a festival
14. search for constellations in the stars
15. visit a photo-/ artgallery
16. have barbecue with friends
17. help my friend redoing her room
18. read at least three books
19. redesign my blog
20. do some sports
21. try new recipes
22. sew some patches on my jeans jacket
23. clean out my closet
24. do some fun back to school diy's
25. improve my french
26. do oil pulling every morning
27. meditate every day
28. deep clean my room
29. learn to play the harry potter theme on my harp
30. watch Grey's anatomy season 10-13
31. watch Game of thrones
32. take lots of pictures
33. eat breakfast in bed
34. go camping with friends
35. have an outside-movie-night
36. go to the flea market
37. watch a movie at the cinema
38. make a bigger art project
39. send a bottle mail 
40. build an outdoor fort
41. declutter my playlists on spotify
42. get a haircut
43. have a Disney movie marathon with friends
44. update my photo album
45. declutter my phone


  1. Das ist ja eine Menge! Viel Erfolg :)


    1. Ja, die Ferien sind ja lange :) Danke!

  2. Da hast du aber einige coole Sachen vor :)
    Viel Spaß dabei!

    Liebe Grüße, Caro :*


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