20 June 2017

present idea: a year of dates

My best friend's birthday was in the beginning of June and of course there was this question coming up in my head like every year: " What should I give her?"

I find it very difficult to find presents especially for good friends, because you always want to get THE perfect present. The perfect present of course doesn't exist (nevertheless I haven't found it yet), but in the end you somehow always find something that you like. This year it was "a year of dates with Ini", a year until her next birthday, in which we will do something nice together in each month.

Here are my ideas: 

july: holifestival
august: outdoor-Sleepover
september: backing cupcakes
ostobre: carving pumpkins
november: Harry Potter marathon
decembre: christmas market
january: cinema & pizza
february: Disco & getting ready together
march: spa-day
april: botanical garden
may: art-session
june: picnick

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