04 December 2016

my wishlist for christmas

I hope you're all doing great :)
Because christmas is very soon (hands up) I thought I'd show you my wishlist. I am personally always interested what others wish themselves. Maybe I can inspire someone :)
I really would like to know your biggest wishes for this year and if you know some of the things on my wishlist and if you like them or not.

1. Ionenhairbrushby Braun: it is supposed to let the hair shine more and get rid of statically load hair. Especially in winter my hair often loads up because of all the jackets and scarves, that's why I want to try it out. 

2. external hard drive: my old one is getting fuller and fuller, that's why I need a new one

3. all poems by Emily Dickinson: I already read a lot of her work, but not everything and I really like the style of her poems.

4. Naked 3: Until now I only had palettes from grocery stores and I don't like them that much because most of them are just really bad pigmented. 

5. Fjallräven backpack Kanken: I need a new backpack for my camera and the Kanken is perfect, because you can use it as a normal backpack but also as a camera backpack, if you buy the insert thing for it :)

6. Glasmomentebuch by odernichtoderdoch: This is a three-year-journal, and every year you get the same questions at the same date. 

7. highlighter by Stabile: can we all just take a moment and appreciate these BEAUTIFUL highliters?! Maybe it's a little bit weird to put highliters on a wishlist, but who wouln't want to have those?


  1. Die NAKED Paletten sind doch ein Traum!
    Und ich bin auch ein rieser Fan von Textmarker, besonder von pastellfarbenen :D

    Mir gefällt dein Blog sehr, du hast jetzt eine Leserin mehr!
    Ich würde mich auch sehr freuen, wenn du mal bei mir vorbei schaust! :)

    Liebe Grüße

    Mein Blog: TRAUMTÄNZERIN ♡

    1. Was für ein liebes Kommentar, danke!


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