07 September 2016

my journey to Amsterdam

Hey !
I'm currently on summer holidays and last week I came back from my holland vacation. I'm clearly in love with the country and all the little villages, windmills and cheese shops! Holland is in my opinion really worth a journey !
I went to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and some smaller cities, but my blogpost is just about Amsterdam: 

Travelguide Amsterdam

first of all a little travel guide for all of you, who want to go to Amsterdam too, but you can probably use this for all cities:

1. plan your trip

it is never bad to inform oneself about the destination.

1. What is in the city, that you want to see? (book cards?) 
2. Where can I leave my car/ how do I get inside the city? 
3. With what can I pay? ( in Amsterdam you can mostly only pay with your card 
4. How is the weather going to be? What do I have to pack, wear?

2. What can you see in Amsterdam? 

Eye Filmhuis

The Eye Filmhuis is a nice beginning, because it is not as full as the inner city and you can go there with a free ferry from the trainstation. It is the national film museum and the building is as well in the inner as from the outside very cool. You can also drink a coffee there or sit on the stairs in front of the building and watch the water traffic. But also the cinema and the exhibition are interesting.

can you spot the eye?

ET was always one of my favorite movies as a kid


To take a break from shopping, the Begijhof is perfect. It is a calm place with cute houses and not far away from the shopping streets. 

tfios- bench

My personal highlight was the bench of "the fault in our stars", where Hazel and Guss kiss for the first time.  I had a really long fangirl Moment :D. The bench is full with lockers and quotes of the book. 

there is more like the museums, boats, grachts and cafés...
So explore the city, because you can spot something everywhere...

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