28 August 2017

summer in Portugal

Portugal is beautiful- way more beautiful than I would have thought. I've never seen such a rough sea and so many stones at a sand beach and I absolutely loved it! 

I know that most people like to relax in their summer vacation- which is something I can relate to- but it's nothing for me. I can chill all year at home, but I only can explore a new country rare, and that's why I wanted to see as much from Portugal as I could. One morning I persuaded my friend to get up early, so we could watch the sunrise and it turned out to be the best morning of the vacation. "You can sleep when you're dead" 
We also did a surf course at the kinda famous Amado beach at the west coast. I've never surfed before, but I really liked it, and want to repeat it as often as possible. We used a shuttle from a surf camp and I honestly have to say, that the drive back home, was my favorite part of the day. 

"salty hair, wind and dust blowing through the windows of the jeep, some Indie music and happy people around you - that's pure perfection"

On our second day we saw some dolphins- and with some  I'm talking about 20 or something- and that was such a rare moment, because they were swimming closely to our beach and stayed there about thirty minutes. Such pretty animals! 

fun fact: we woke up to perfect surf waves and decided to rent a board, went back to beach and the waves were gone- so we ended up only taking pictures with it
staying up at 5:30 was totally worth it- even though my camera almost died at this morning, because an unexpected high wave was pouring its water over it

oh how much I love those cute, white houses
the portuguese architecture includes lots and lots of tiles in all colors and patterns- perfect as a background

we drove to the west coast to the Castelejo beach and the weather was all sunny at our beach in the south- and that's what we found there- a moody, cold sea, but somehow liked it that way

this fisher warned us because we were on a big stone in the water and the flood-tide was coming- such nice people

never not sandy

nothing but the sea

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